Cellone Duplicate bill - BSNL Cellone duplicate bill

Cellone Duplicate bill - BSNL Cellone duplicate bill:

To view or download the BSNL cellone duplicate bill, you have to first sign in to the BSNL online portal. Go to the link https://portal2.bsnl.in/myportal/authorize.do, then sign in with your user name and password. Once you signed in, click on the 'View Bills' tab to view the Cellone duplicate bill easily. If you have not signed up in Cellone yet, you have to first sign up with your details.

By signing in to BSNL with your id and password, you can have the following facilities.

  • You can view a feature Rich Dashboard.
  • You can manage Accounts from a single login.
  • You can do One click Payment.
  • You can get Duplicate Bills online.
  • You can view Unbilled Usage for GSM
  • You can do Multiple Bill Payment for GSM
  • You can make Advance Payment for GSM
  • You can check Balance for Prepaid
  • You can do Multiple Bill Payment for Bfone

You can also login to the BSNL portal with facebook, linkedin, google plus and even Microsoft hotmail.

Mahakosh www.mahakosh.gov.in DAT Maharashtra

Mahakosh www.mahakosh.gov.in DAT Maharashtra:

Mahakosh is an online portal created by finance department, government of Maharashtra. It is an integrated application comprising of different modules that is developed under integrated financial management system (IFMS). The following are the applications covered by this portal are
Budget Estimation, Allocation and monitoring system (BEAMS), Government Receipt Accounting system (GRAS), Employees Payroll Package (SEVAARTH), Defined contribution pension scheme (DCPS), Old Pension scheme (Nivrutteniwahini), Pay verification unit – service book status (Vetanika), MIS for expenditure and receipts (Koshwahini) and Management system for Treasury net (Arthwahini).

Mahakosh Online Portal  - www.mahakosh.gov.in DAT Maharashtra

Sevaarth Mahakosh is a web application portal that is designed to specifically to automate the salary billing process of state government employees in order to prepare the salary bills of the state government employees of Maharashtra and also to generate or view these salary bills according to the employee’s wish.  This website also provides services for pension schemes to where this site is mainly used for preparing the pensions for the retired state government employees and it also prepares the pension bills for both first time and monthly pensioners who are under the government of Maharashtra.

Airtel Broadband Bill Payment

Airtel Broadband Bill Payment:

Airtel broadband bill payments are endless. Now Airtel bills can be paid at our convenience anywhere, anytime through easy payment methods.
We can either 1. Drop-off cheques at the nearest airtel relationship center or 2. Transfer money online through debit card, credit card or net banking and so on. We don’t want to remember the due dates, as we will be notified via SMS, email as soon as the bill is generated. Let us what are the Airtel Broadband Bill Payment options available for us.

Airtel Broadband Bill Payment - Different Modes of payment:

We can choose a host of easy payment options for airtel broadband bill payment from the below gateways to suit our transaction needs.

1. Airtel Broadband Bill Payment by Setting up Auto Pay method (easy payment by credit card):

We can give standard instructions to debit from our account for our monthly airtel bills
Online registration has to be done for initiating standard instructions. It is made paperless without form or documentation. Follow these steps to register.

Step 1 -  Log on to www.airtel.in/si
Step 2 -  Click on the option 'Broadband'. Enter your Airtel landline number, standing instruction, email id in which you want to get the notification. Your details will be verified.
Step 3 -  Key in the credit card details. You will receive an email or SMS regarding the details.

It is beneficial since its registration is instantaneous and gets activated within 1 working day. This standing instruction facility can be canceled without documentation at the  users discretion.

MP RTO Vehicle Registration Details and Number search

MP RTO Vehicle Registration Details and Vehicle Number Search:

Madhya Pradhesh Transport Department has used the benefits of latest Information Technology tools to computerize the transport department of Madhya Pradesh. They are one of the early ones who started smart card based driving license system in India.  They have also enabled smart card based registration certificate. They have made various enhancements in the transport department with the help of Information technology to computerize almost everything possible. They have given the citizens the ease of use and accessibility through internet and SMS facilities.

Madhya Pradhesh has a special portal for the officers to view the vehicle related details online. MIS has provided complete vehicle ownership details for the officers like ownership information, insurance details, year of manufacturing, driving license etc.

Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking - How to track status

Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking:

Transportation and logistics play a vital role today as movement of goods is happening all over the world as it has become more specialized than ever before. Jaipur Golden transport is one of the logistics company that provides good transportation services along with customer satisfaction.

With the increased of use of modern technologies this Jaipur golden transport company has introduced many new concepts and products that matches with customer expectation and the emerging new technologies.

This transport company has become a leading transport company after its emergence from a small khokha in Lahori gate, Delhi in the year 1948 which has 350 branches all over the world. It comprises of 300 associates spanning across the country who are working to serve the customer with the speed, safety and service which is also the motto of this transport company.

Best Organic shops in Chennai - Organic Food Stores

Organic shops in Chennai - Organic Food Stores:

When we turn to the pages of our history, we could get to know how healthy our ancestors were, there were no much diseases as it is now. They were able to do contribute to a healthy and fit lifestyle as their food habits were totally different, they were fit at the age of 80’s and 90’s. Now in this modern era where everything is ready made and most of us have adapted to the fast food culture, we are prone to the diseases also faster. The majority of people are suffering from life-threatening diseases, whereas our ancestors would have not even been aware of its name. Right from the newborn babies to the old the old people, there are several types of diseases causing death. All this is because of the food culture we follow now, we are not having a healthy eating habit and most of the foods are adulterated, we are in a situation where we give money to purchase food and get the disease in return.

MGM Dizzee World - MGM Theme Park Chennai Review, Timangs, Ticket Rate, Entry Fees

MGM Dizzee World - MGM Theme Park Chennai Review, Timings, Ticket Rate, Entry Fees:

MGM Dizzee world was started by M.G.Muthu group, it is one of the biggest and famous amusement park in Chennai located in the East coastal road which is about 30 kilometers away from the city. The blue scenic of the beach gives a great view of the MGM Dizzee world. MGM Dizzee world serves to be the best entertainer for all the age groups. It is one of the most visited places by children as they love the rides and water games in the amusement park. MGM Dizzee world is designed with Italian architecture spread along lush greenery that is truly a treat for the eyes. MGM takes the pride of many firsts. They were the first to launch Jurong’s bird show of Singapore(in the year of 1999), hot air balloon(in the year of 1998) for the first time in Chennai.

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