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VGP Golden Beach Chennai Entrance Fee, Timing, Ride Ticket Rates, Review

VGP Golden Beach Chennai Entrance Fee, Timing, Ride Ticket Rates, Review:

VGP Universal Kingdom, VGP Golden Beach Chennai is one of the oldest family amusement park in Chennai. I was in Primary school when I first visited Chennai with my family. I still remember that we went to VGP golden beach with my family friends. After that, I went to VGP last month only. My mobile had no charge and I was able to take only 3 photos. Next time, I will take more photos and update here.

The park is spread out over a massive 45 acres of beautiful property, complete with a private beach. It
homes to 45+ scream-out- loud rides, a huge Water Park complete with massive slides that
drop into 5500 gallons of swirling water, and an array of exhibits including the Snow
Kingdom, the Petting Zoo, and the Statue Man (side note, there’s a bounty to be won if you
can get him to move). All of it set against a backdrop of lush greenery and the azure sea.

VGP is good for:

1. Good option to spend a whole day with family
2. Cheaper when compared to other theme parks.
3. You have various Ride Package options to choose & spend a whole day there.
4. Few kids rides are there.
5. Most of the rides are free for basic package too.
6. There are lot of eat outs here and there.
7. Some rides are really funny and some are seriously thrilling.
8. Located on ECR and well connected through bus, cab etc.
9. Open on all days of the week 1030am to 8 PM.
10. Beach is good and not polluted.
11. A lot of Mega Fun Games and Rides to suit all age groups.
12. At the Golden Chakra, multi-cuisine restaurant, serving Indian, Mughal, Chinese and
Continental food, one can enjoy a scrumptious meal. At the end of it all, Not to miss the
family dosa, which is today a hot favourite across the South, originated at VGP!

For schools which come as a group, a separate area is set aside for them to have their own

What I like the most ?

Most of the rides like giant wheel and Columbus rides are not too fast. Giant wheel has a top cover. So it was not scary at all. I was able to enjoy the view. Columbus ride was a short ride. Before you pray God to stop it, they will stop it soon.

To name a few
other rides:  Mermaid Ship- Family Ride, Rock n Roll- Thrill ride, Jumping Frog- Kids Ride.
On the wild side, take a ride on the crazy exploits of Maverick, Goose, Viper and Iceman.
Can have a wonderful time at the Petting Zoo, Statue Man & so on..There is enough and
plenty of rides for Kids & Adults to have a great time.

There are few children rides. Kids with age more than 3 can enjoy few rides there. Most of them are paid rides if you go in basic package. But the cost is just Rs.10. There are some rides for small kids with age less than 3 near the entrance. They are all paid rides. Most are for Rs.10. Few of them were not in working condition. My kid enjoyed the train ride there.

VGP Golden Beach Timings:

VGP opening time is 11 AM and closing time is 7:30 PM in weekdays. Timing starts at 10:30 AM and Open till 8 PM during weekends.

VGP operates on All days of the week ( Mon – Fri ) 11:00AM to 7:30 PM.
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays – 10:30AM to 8:00 PM

VGP Golden Entrance Fee | Ticket Rate | Ride Price:

Package details:

1. Silver Crown ( Dry Rides ) : Adult –Rs. 350/- , Kids –Rs. 300/-
2. Gold Crown (Dry Rides & Water Park) : Adult-Rs.475/- , Kids-Rs.375/-
3. Amusement Park with Snow Kingdom: Adult-Rs.670/- , Kids-Rs.620/-
4. Amusement Park with Water Park & Snow Kingdom: Adult-Rs.770/- , Kids-
Tickets for all of the above will be available at the counter from 10:30AM to 6:00PM.

Please note that the package details are updated as per the communication from VGP.

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  1. is there any water rides available ??

  2. Very good place but quite expensive for general tourists.entrance ticket should be 100/- only.you can charge every thing separately


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