Tuesday 29 November 2016

Andhra Bank Internet Banking Login Online

Andhra Bank Internet Banking Login Online:

Andhra Bank is a public sector bank found in the year 1923 by Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya, a well- known freedom fighter. The bank was started with a paid up capital of 1 lakh and authorized capital of 10 lakhs. The bank has more than 2800 network of branches and over 3600 ATMs. Andhra Bank is the first Indian bank to launch biometric ATM’s where in you need to give and input of your fingerprint instead of entering the PIN number (Personal identification number). The Andhra Bank provides numerous services to its customers. Along with the exclusive range of services they also provide AB premium current account and AB privilege corporate salary savings bank account with lots of benefits.

Banglarbhumi gov in 8080 lrweb - How to use?

Banglarbhumi gov in 8080 lrweb - How to use?:

This Banglarbhumi online website is designed by National informatics center (NIC) to check the land records online using the following link - http://banglarbhumi.gov.in/. This mode of viewing the land records helps people access this kind of information anywhere anytime at their ease. In today’s world, everything has been made available online via any web portal because of increased use of information technology, its speed and it also has a systematic and orderly manner of viewing the information.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Chennai Beaches - Beaches in Chennai You must visit

Chennai Beaches - Beaches in Chennai You must visit:

Remember when we were child, we will be longing for our summer vacation. After the bugging up exams and assignments the school will announce for the summer vacation. Wow, what a wonderful feeling it is to be at home, eat and play nicely with the newly bought games. Okay now all the play is done, what else? Summer vacation started boring, and our dad comes up with an idea of outing. 

Chetpet Lake Timing - Chetpet Eco Park Boating

Chetpet Lake Timing - Chetpet Eco Park Boating

Chetpet Eco park is one of the recent tourist spots in Chennai city that is situated on the Chetpet Lake shore. Chetpet lake was opened on February 27, 2016. The main attraction of this eco park is boating and angling in the Chetpet Lake. This place was initially a dump of garbage and the other dirty stuff. It was completely an unhealthy place dumped with sewage. Later in 2013 this place was considered for restoration by chief minister J. Jayalalitha. With a big budget, this 15-acre land was newly reformed by the Fisheries Department and opened for public use in February 2016. Chetpet Lake attracts the visitor with the boating facility and Chetpet Eco park is the best place for walking and jogging for all those fitness enthusiasts. There is a play area situated in the Chetpet Eco Park. So, there is no wonder that Chetpet Eco Park situated on the Chetpet Lake shore is the best picnic spot in Chennai even for kids.

Thursday 24 November 2016

Bhulekh UP Khasra Khatauni

Bhulekh UP Khasra Khatauni:

Bulekh UP website is a web application created to capture all the land record details of the owners of Uttar Pradesh in order to computerize these land record details to keep track of land related information and also make these data to be available to all the people who are in need of the information. Bulekh UP Khasra Khatauni website will help the people who want to buy or sell their lands and all the information regarding the land. This website serves as the portal of land records.

Monday 21 November 2016

Muthoot Finance Online Payment

Muthoot Finance Online Payment - Muthoot Fincorp online payment: 

Muthoot finance online payment can be done using Web Pay facility that is available in the link mentioned below. Muthoot finance online payment can be done using quick pay.  People find the online medium more convenient to make transactions and payments. Muthoot finance India is the  India’s largest gold loan company has introduced its new online interest payment service ‘Muthoot Web Pay’, With this Muthoot Finanance Online payment facility customers can now make payments of interest on their gold loan online using their debit card or net banking facility. To facilitate this Muthoot Fincorp online payment service, they have partnered with IndusInd bank and the online payment service provider Atom technologies. Using Muthoot web Pay facility the customers can register themselves and make interest as e-payment.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Passport Seva Kendra Online Portal Guide

Passport Seva Kendra:

As the internet has become the most important and most essential component in our day to day life, it has become so natural for us to expect everything online. And to provide us, the people of India with sophistication in applying for a passport, Indian Government has launched an online portal for Passport Seva KendraPassport Seva Online Portal is one of the initiatives started due to the rise in e-governance in India. Their service includes A to Z of most of the possible functionality in the passport office except the interview. I wonder what is not present in it for an online passport seva kendra portal. Indian Passport is issued by Indian Government. Without valid passport, you cannot travel out of India.

Passport Seva Online Portal Link - http://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink 

The above picture is the screenshot of the welcome page of online Passport Seva website. 

You can see that there are four main coloured buttons in the left sidebar that are helpful for the most used services like the application of passport online and tracking the passport status in Passport Seva Kendra portal. 

Documents Required for Passport

Documents Required for Passport:

Basically to apply and to get a passport, they require few basic documents of each individual for the purpose of identity verification and data verification before issuing the passport for all safety precautions. It does always create a confusion on to find out the whole set of documents that are required to apply for a passport. So we have made it easy for you to get an idea on the list of documents that are acceptable and to be produced in the passport office.

Documents Required for Passport

Along with the original documents, one set of self-attested photocopies of the documents has to be furnished in Passport Seva Kendra office for processing your passport application.

Passport Status Enquiry - Passport Tracking

Passport Status Enquiry - Passport Tracking:

Passport is an official document given by the central government of the country for the individual to travel across the international countries with the protection of national security to & from the government to the individual person. With the help of passport document, you can move across the countries. It is like security document for your independence, that government will provide the permission & protection to you . It is a mutual understanding between the countries to protect their citizens outside of their countries also.

Ministry of external affairs division issues the passport to the individual according to their demands. There are three types of passport available in India.

Normal passport: It is the personal passport given to all the citizens for the vacation trip, educational and official business trip. It is mentioned as P in the passport

Official passport: Its official passport which is given for the government employees or the represented /nominated by the government to move to work officially . It is mentioned by S in the passport.

Diplomatic passport: It’s given to higher authority of the government officers & service person. It will be mentioned as D.

Passport Renewal Online - Passport Reissue

Passport Renewal Online - How to renew Indian Passport online:

Passports are generally issued for a duration of ten years. Once the duration is over, the passport should be renewed for further usage. This article is written to explain how to renew Indian Passports online. The passport expiration date is mentioned in the passport book as either Final or simply with the letter ‘F’. Also, passports can be renewed only in the previous year of expiration. (i.e.) If the expiration date is 14.12.2016, then only after 14.12.2015, the passport can be renewed. It cannot be processed earlier than that.

Passport Delivery status

Passport Delivery Status:

Here is an easy article on how to check the passport delivery status. Getting a passport is simplified by the Passport Seva Kendra if your application for passport is valid and you have valid documents. But still getting a passport successfully looks like a Himalayan task for many people. Till you get the passport in your hand, you will be in full of anxiety. The process is not complete till you verify each and every detail in the passport book. If you do not verify the passport details correctly, you might end up in trouble when you travel. So, it is very important to verify the passport details from start to bottom. If your passport is dispatched, you might be interested in checking the passport delivery status frequently till you get it delivered. Here is a quick guide to know how to track passport delivery status online.

Passport Office

Passport Office:

A passport is the most important travel document and identity document for anyone who travels abroad for the purpose of Business, leisure, holiday & tours, pilgrimage, education, medical, etc.
The demand for passports and allied services are on a constant rise, thanks to globalisation and the emerging economy. This demand for passports have been increasingly coming from both large cities as well as smaller towns, therefore, to improve the services for a wider reach and for the convenience of the citizens, the Ministry of External Affairs had launched the Passport Seva Project in the year 2010.

Types of Passports in india

Types of Passports in india:

Passport is an essential travel document for anyone who wishes to travel across the world for various purposes such as education, medical, leisure, business, official, etc. You might be thinking that there are no different types of Passport in India as we take passports mostly for traveling purpose for official assignments. In India, there are three types of passports which are being issued for three categories of people;
  1. General Public
  2. Diplomats
  3. Indian Government Representatives
Detailed descriptions of the three types of passports are as below; We have tried our best to explain about each type of Indian passports. Please check the official website of Passport seva kendra for further updated information.

Types of Passports in india
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Types of Passports in India:

There are 3 different types of passports available in India. They are:

  • Regular Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Official passport

Regular Passport:

A regular passport is issued to the general public who are citizens of India. It is also known as ordinary passport which has a blue cover and consists of 36 or 60 pages as per the requirement of the applicant. This passport holder can use this passport and travel across the world for ordinary vacation, business, education, medical, pilgrimage, or any such travels. This passport is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issue and it can be renewed for another 10 years upon expiry.

Name Change in Passport

How to change name in passport - Passport Name change after marriage:

A regular passport that has blue cover and is issued to citizens of India is valid for a period of ten years. But in those ten years, there might arise a situation where you will be required to change the details in the passport. Most of the people might require change of name in passport when compared to other changes. People who require the name change in passport mostly are of age 20-35. Wondering why? Once you get married, passport name change is one of the things to do by many people especially who are aspiring to travel abroad with the spouse after marriage. The name in the passport including surname is very important when it comes to passport. There can be many situations when you want a passport name change. Some of the situations are;

Passport Fees India - New, Renewal, Tatkal Passport Fees Charges

Passport Fees India - New, Renewal, Tatkal Passport Fees Charges:

A passport is the most important travel document and identity document for anyone who travels abroad for the purpose of Business, leisure, holiday & tours, pilgrimage, education, medical, etc. A regular passport has blue colour cover and can be issued to every citizen of India who applies for it. This passport has a validity of 10 years for adults and upon expiry the individual has to renew their passport. Whereas, for a minor (18 years or below) the passport is valid only for 5 years, which should be renewed after completion of 5 years or if upon maturity (attained 18 years of age) the passport can be renewed immediately and the individual will then receive a new passport which will be valid for 10 years.

Passport Address Change

Passport Address Change:

When you shift to a new location/address and if you are an Indian passport holder, then you must change your address from old to new in your passport as well. The procedure for address change in passport is as below. Especially women might need to do passport address change after marriage. Although, passport address change online cannot be done in the website itself, you can use the website to download the form and scheduling an appointment. Passport Address change procedure is not a complex one. It is just a passport reissue procedure with the updated address.

Passport Seva Kendra Login

Passport Seva Kendra Login:

Nowadays everything is done at the touch of a button as digitalisation is the way forward for every organization. Even our Indian public services have gone online and made communication easier for Indian citizens. in this regard, Indian Passport services also have a website where an individual can register and apply for passport and other passport related services online itself without the hassle of waiting in long queues. Below is a detailed description of how to login to the website.

Passport Appointment Booking

Passport Appointment Booking online:

Passport appointment booking has been made easier since the inception of Passport Seva Kendra online portal. I thought of writing this article is really important because I struggled a lot 7 years back in order to get the passport. I had to visit many the police station and post office to submit my passport application because the procedure was totally different at that time. I literally got frustrated and came to a decision I that don’t need a passport. After a lot of hardships I applied for passport and successfully received it. Now the process is made so simple that you can do everything online. This makes me think how lucky you all are. This article explains about important things about Passport appointment booking online. It gives you a brief idea of how to apply for passport through online and other things related to it.

Friday 11 November 2016

Bescom Online Payment Login

Bescom Online Payment Login:

In order to ease the life of people in both urban and rural areas, the Karnataka govt has taken initiative in maintaining the basic needs of the people of these 8 districts thereby facilitating them by simplifying their payment methods.

Instead of visiting the office and paying through directly, we can follow simple steps and make payment via online. This is highly useful, reliable and avoid time-consuming process
We need to follow the below simple steps to make our lives easy.

Tuesday 1 November 2016

LIC Policy Statement

LIC Policy Statement:

Even though there are many financial corporations in India, we always trust Life Insurance Corporation of India, also known as LIC for all our policy needs. LIC provides a variety of e-services in free of charge for its valuable customers. You do not need to pay any additional fee to avail the online services provided by them. One such useful e-service is LIC policy statement that contains details about the premium amounts you have paid for the policies.

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