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Hotel Name Ideas - Cool Creative hotel name ideas!!

How to get a creative hotel name without squeezing your mind and energy?

I know how it is draining to come up with a hotel name when you start a brand new hotel. Be it a bigger or smaller, the hotel name matters for any hotel to create an identity of its own, gain popularity and attract the customers which is the ultimate goals at the end.

Here is how you can come up with a creative hotel name for you brand new hotel quite easily.

There is a website which does this work for you in coming up with an amazing hotel name. With this website, you can generate hundreds of hotel names at ease in few clicks.

Now, let me reveal you the website which I like the most.


Just click on the above link which will take you to the website where you can generate hundreds of random hotel names. In a single click, it could get you 10 random hotel names and if you find nothing impressive, you can keep on generating new hotel names.

Fantasynamegenerators have different name generators and the link given above is especially for hotel names and resort names.

As the website says, you could consider the below tips while coming up with the hotel name.

Tip #1 - Choosing hotel name: 

If you are located in an awesome location or you want to highlight that your hotel's location, it is good idea to include the location of the hotel in the hotel name.

The another perk of adding location in the hotel names is you can easily get listed in the search engine with low or no cost without much effort when the rest of the hotels spend  more to get listed in the search engine when they start new.

Tip #2 - Choosing hotel name: 

Go with the traditional style. Let the hotel name speaks about your hotel style or theme. Is your hotel also have a good spa to highlight, then include that in your hotel name, say <xxx> Hotel & Spa. Is your hotel a beach resort, use that to highlight which could drive you more customers. Instead of simply naming it as a resort, why not naming it as a beach resort?

Tip #3 - Choosing hotel name: 

Though you can come up with a longer names, don't go beyond 4 words. Otherwise, you will end up with a hotel name which is tough to remember and also the chances of spreading your hotel name by mouth will get spoiled.

Tip #4 - Choosing hotel name: 

If you have something unique about your hotel to highlight, make sure that you include it at least in your tag. If you are a family friendly hotel, you can consider including the word "Family" in your hotel name. In the same way, if your hotel has a lot of amenities for kids, you can consider having that in your hotel name.

Tip #5 - Choosing Hotel Name:

Don't think about having something meaningful. Even including a simple word in the hotel name like sun flower can make your hotel look cool. Yes. Don't think what is the relation between sun flower and your hotel. Hotel Sun Flower Resorts & Spa looks so cool, you know! Using such common names can give you a boost to your hotel easily. So, go for it without thinking too much on it.

Here is how you can generate hotel names easily in the website which I have mentioned before.

  1. Visit the link
  2. You can see 10 random hotel names listed in the page.
  3. If you do not like any of the hotel names or if you simply want to see the other options, click on the "Get hotel names" button again.
  4. You could see different hotel names again.

Do you think why the hotel name has so much importance?

Name is an easier way to get the engagement you want. Put yourself in the customer's shoe and think which one gets registered in your mind easily.

Though you would have visited different hotels in your lifetime, how many hotel names you would be able to recall after 10 years. I am sure it would be very less even though the hotel had provided you the luxury and comfort you wanted.

Once you come up with the good hotel name, you need to think about advertising it in a way to get the hotel name registered in the customer's mind. Say if you have started a hotel name in a prime location, if you were able to register your hotel name in customer's mind through right advertising even before they land in, you can be assured that there is more probability that the customer will end up choosing your hotel. That is what advertising is all about.

Some of the popular hotel names in India:

Below are some of the popular hotel names in India which you cannot actually use for your hotel but you can use it for your reference :)

  1. The Leela Palace
  2. The Oberoi
  3. The Taj Mahal Palace
  4. The Orchid Hotel
  5. Holiday Inn
  6. Courtyard by Mariott 
  7. ITC grand
  8. Trident
  9. Taj Connemara
  10. Jaag Hotel
  11. Radisson Blu Hotel GRT
  12. Savera Hotel
  13. Hyatt Regency
  14. Le Royal Meridian
  15. Somerset Greenways
  16. Ibis Hotel
  17. Taj Coromandel
  18. Zone by the Park
  19. The Westin
  20. The Residency Towers
  21. La Woods Hotel
  22. Hilton
  23. Holiday Inn Express
  24. FabHotel
  25. Savera Hotel
  26. Novotel
  27. ITC Grand Chola
  28. Quality Inn Sabari
  29. Turyaa Chennai
  30. Park Hyatt
  31. The Accord Metropolitan
  32. The Raintree
  33. The Lotus Hotel
  34. Horizon Inn
  35. Olive Grand
  36. Fairfield by Mariott

Hope you find this post useful in coming up with good hotel names for you brand new hotel. Even you can think of renaming your hotel if you dont see your hotel name more attractive. 

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