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Mahadbt Login

Mahadbt Login:

About: Mahadbt Login - Mahadbt is a website of Government of Maharashtra. 
Webste URL -

Please note that the default language of the Mahadbt gov in portal is Marati. To change the default language to English, please follow the below steps which will allow you to view the content of mahadbt website in English. As this website is used mostly by Maharashtra citizens the website displays Marati as default language.

To view the website content in English, click on the Languages dropdown which is located on the top right corner of the website. Select English.

This article helps you to understand how to do Mahadbt login successfully. Mahadbt allows the people to register online for availing the state sponsored scholarship schemes provided by the Maharashtra Government. Once the citizens register themselves to Mahadbt, they can login any time and use the Mahadbt portal for various requirements.

Mahadbt login
Mahadbt login

What is MahaDBT?

MahaDBT full form is Maharashtra Direct Benefit Transfer.

MahaDBT is a website by Government of Maharashtra.  Government of Maharashtra offers various social welfare schemes with multiple benefits and subsidies. Maha E-scholarship, Pension, Disaster schemes are few of the social welfare schemes offered by Government of Maharashtra.

The purpose of this Mahadbt is to transfer the benefits and subsidies directly into the bank account of the respective beneficiaries.

Mahadbt Login Steps:

Please make sure that you have registered for Mahadbt online before you try mahadbt login.

If you are a registered user, you can follow the below steps to login to Mahadbt online.

Steps for Mahadbt login:

  1. Visit by searching in Google for Mahadbt. Click the one which is official website from Government of Maharashtra. It is
  2. Check the right side portion of the website. You will find a small form with Login as heading.
  3. Select the user. The options are Resident/Applicant, Institute or Deparment user. If you are an individual person who is a beneficiary of the social welfare schemes, choose the resident/applicant option. If you are logging in on behalf of an institute, choose the institute option. If you are an employee of the department of Government of Maharashtra Mahadbt, then select the department user.
  4. Enter the user name.
  5. Enter the password.
  6. Enter the captcha code which is shown above the text field.
  7. Click on Login for mahadbt login.
If you have forget the password, please click on the 'Forget the password' option to reset your password.

Applicants will receive SMS during the application process to let them know about their application status. Applicants can reach out if they find any discrepancies in their application process.

People who have linked Aadhar linked bank account will get the benefit amounts directly to their bank account. This feature helps the applicants not to get into troubles in getting the amount to their bank account after repeated attempts.

MahaDBT (DBT stands for Direct Benefit Transfer) is a portal launched by Government of Maharashtra to transfer the benefits and subsidies of various social welfare schemes like E-Scholarships,Pension, Disaster, etc., directly into the bank account of the beneficiary.

Notes for applicants:

It is advised for the applicants to enter aadhar number from the academic session 2017 - 2018. Please go through the instructions carefully before filling up the forms in the portal to avoid any mistakes and further problems. You should also check your eligibility for the scholarship in the portal.

What is Maha e scholarship?

Maha e scholarship is the scheme introduced by Maharashtra government that aims at providing funds for the economically poor students who have secured the best marks in academic studies. Nowadays, a student can apply for the scholarships online easily which help to save more time.
However, the old website Mahaeschol is no longer working since the government has changed the name to MahaDBT in 2018. This portal is mainly for the students who wish to earn scholarships. It allows the students who are not able to pay the full fees.

The family income is the main criteria for availing a scholarship to gain more benefits. It is a government scheme and reservation plays a major role in determining the eligibility criteria.

Education plays a key role in the changing the life of a student and there are different types of education systems followed in various states across India. The numbers of school dropouts are increasing every year in India owing to poverty, poor income, and financial constraints. As a result, many governments offer various scholarship programs for students who are not able to continue their studies due to financial problems and other issues. They involve different types allowing a student to focus more on his or her studies with ease. The scholarships are available for school students and college students allowing them to accomplish goals in their life.

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