Monday 26 September 2016

Best Beach resorts in Ecr Chennai

Best Beach resorts in Ecr Chennai:

Have you ever questioned anyone who is not from Chennai, what comes to their mind when they here about the word “Chennai”? The first thing everyone outside Chennai likes about is the Beach. Chennai has a big hub of industrial sectors on one side and shows its coastal beauty on the other side. Chennai being a busy city with people running on tip of their toes from morning till the night. 

Chennai also lends its natural scenic to be a great stress buster to the tired minds. Many people head out to the East coastal Road, a highway in Chennai which connects to Cuddalore through Pondicherry. ECR is the best place for everyone to enjoy the most admirable sceneries.

Monday 19 September 2016

Bsf Payslip - pay slip Login

Bsf Payslip - pay slip Login:

Border security force (BSF) was established in the year 1965 when Government of India thought that there should be a specialized central armed force and trained corps to protect the land after the attack of Pakistan on Kutch. Border security force has the largest army force with two lakh and fifty thousand brave army men gaurding the Indian land from rivalry. BSF played a vital role in the freedom of Bangladesh. They provide intelligence of security to the people who live in the border areas. They also  Prevent trans border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from territory of India Prevent illegal activities.

Friday 16 September 2016

Vodafone Bill View - Duplicate bill download details

Vodafone Bill View - Duplicate bill download details:

We get Vodafone bills promptly to our residential address. We do not store it carefully unless we need it. Most of the time we dispose it. Sometimes we might need to submit our phone bills for some reasons. We might have missed it or misplaced it also. When we need to submit the phone bills as proof, the concern might not accept the online bills. Situation might arise when you need to submit the original bill itself.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

BSNL Duplicate Bill

BSNL Landline Duplicate Bill:

Telecom Name - BSNL(Bharath Sanchar Nigam limited)
About the article - How to print or view the BSNL Landline duplicate bill online and how to get the BSNL duplicate bill through customer care.

This article will help you to know how to view the BSNL duplicate bill online easily. It also explains how to get the BSNL duplicate bill by calling the customer care. If you have internet connection, it is better to view the BSNL copy bill online itself instead of making calls to customer care and waiting for the representative to take your call.

Why do you need BSNL duplicate bill?

Due to some difficulties it may take time for the bill to get delivered, sometimes we may not receive the bill. In that case we can download the duplicate BSNL bill print through online BSNL website. The delivery of the bill might get delayed. You might not have been present at home when the person tried to deliver at your home. There might be some unforeseen circumstances like flood, rain and so on. Whatever might be the reason, you have to pay your BSNL Landline bill to avoid hassles. To get the landline service continued, you should pay your bill without fail. Delay in paying the bill will also put you in the burden of paying the fine amount in excess unnecessarily.

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