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Maharashtra RTO Vehicle Registration Search Number Details - MH RTO

MH RTO Transport Vehicle Registration | Maharashtra RTO Transport Vehicle Registration Search Online:

Let us see some details about MH RTO Vehicle Registration Search and learn how to register a vehicle in Maharashtra RTO MH RTOwebsite.

MH RTO Registration Process for New Transport Vehicles - How to get registration certificate for new vehicles?

  • Please visit below link to get full details about registration of new transport vehicles in Maharashtra RTO(MH RTO).
  • Check for 'Registration' banner in the menubar.
  • Click On 'Registration of New Vehicles' Link.
Below options are available in the MH RTO website.

  • Temporary Registration
  • Registration of New Vehicle
  • Registration of outstate vehicle or Assignment of new registration mark (R.M.A)
  • Registration for VIP Nos
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Transfer of Motor Vehicle Ownership

MH RTO Vehicle Registration Search:

Below is the table of MH RTO Transport Vehicle Registration details. The first column is the serial number. The second column is the State and RTO series number details. MH stands for Maharashtra State number. That is a vehicle which starts with MH in its registration number, it denotes that the vehicle is registered with MH RTO and it means that the particular vehicle is registered in Maharashtra  State. The format is same for all vehicle numbers registered in MH RTO offices. Only the RTO code and serial number vary.

S.No RTO Location
1 MH-01 Mumbai (South) – RTO is located in Tardeo
2 MH-02 Mumbai (West) – RTO is located in Andheri
3 MH-03 Mumbai (East) – RTO is located in Wadala
4 MH-04 Thane
5 MH-05 Kalyan-Dombivali, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath and Badlapur – RTO is located in Kalyan
6 MH-06 Raigad – RTO is located in Pen (does not include Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Panvel, Khopoli)
7 MH-07 Sindhudurg – RTO is located in Sindhudurg Nagari
8 MH-08 Ratnagiri
9 MH-09 Kolhapur
10 MH-10 Sangli
11 MH-11 Satara
12 MH-12 Pune (city)
13 MH-13 Solapur (city)
14 MH-14 Pimpri-Chinchwad
15 MH-15 Nashik (city)
16 MH-16 Ahmednagar
17 MH-17 Shrirampur, Ahmednagar District
18 MH-18 Dhule
19 MH-19 Jalgaon
20 MH-20 Aurangabad – RTO is located on Station Road
21 MH-21 Jalna (city)
22 MH-22 Parbhani
23 MH-23 Beed
24 MH-24 Latur
25 MH-25 Osmanabad
26 MH-26 Nanded
27 MH-27 Amravati
28 MH-28 Buldhana
29 MH-29 Yavatmal – RTO is located on Nagpur Road
30 MH-30 Akola – RTO is located on Dabki Road 444002
31 MH-31 Nagpur West - RTO is Located at Amravati Road
32 MH-32 Wardha
33 MH-33 Gadchiroli
34 MH-34 Chandrapur
35 MH-35 Gondia
36 MH-36 Bhandara
37 MH-37 Washim
38 MH-38 Hingoli
39 MH-39 Nandurbar
40 MH-40 Nagpur (Rural)
41 MH-41 Malegaon, Nashik District
42 MH-42 Baramati, Pune
43 MH-43 Navi Mumbai – RTO at Vashi
44 MH-44 Ambejogai, Beed
45 MH-45 Akluj, Solapur
46 MH-46 Panvel-Khopoli; also MSRTC buses are registered here
47 MH-47 Mumbai (North) – RTO is located in Kandarpada, Dahisar
48 MH-48 Vasai-Virar / Boisar / Palghar / Dahanu
49 MH-49 Nagpur East – RTO is located on Bhandara Road
50 MH-50 Karad (Karad Rural) – RTO is located in Karad
51 MH-51 Nashik (Rural)
52 MH-52 Reserved for Parbhani (Rural)
53 MH-53 Reserved for Pune South
54 MH-54 Reserved for Pune North

If a vehicle has the number as MH 37 AA 0001, it means that it is registered in Washim RTO in Maharashtra state. AA denotes series. 0001 denotes the serial number.

If a vehicle has the number as MH 38 AA 0001, it means that it is registered in Hingoli RTO in Maharashtra state. AA denotes series. 0001 denotes the running serial number.

If a vehicle has the number as MH 18 AA 0001, it means that it is registered in Dhule RTO in Maharashtra state. AA denotes series. 0001 denotes the running serial number.

We do not claim that the post is 100% error-free. Please use it only for reference purpose. If you find any data to be incorrect, please let us know in the comment section. We will correct it.


  1. what about a vehicle which has just one letter eg. MH 43 A xyzb ???? please help!

  2. Please check whether this can help you - "If all the 9999 numbers are used up, the RTO adds the letter A before the number space so that more numbers can be accommodated." - Reference Wiki

  3. Check indian vehicle registration details on app, this is working well.


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