Gurgaon STD Code | 124 std code

Gurgaon STD Code | 124 std code:

Got a call from a number starting with '124'. Well, you might be curious to know what is the location of the landline number starting with 124 std code. Here are the details which can help you out to find out the location details of 124 std code.

Gurgaon STD Code | 124 std code:

STD Code - 124
County - India
State  - Haryana
Telecom District - Gurgaon
Telecom Circle - Haryana
Country - India
City/Area -  Gurgaon
Service Area - Haryana
LDCA - Gurgaon
SDCA - Gurgaon

So, next time when you get a call from a landline starting with std code 124, you can assume that it is from Gurgaon district located in Haryana, India.

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