Friday 27 April 2018

Kerala PSC one time registration profile login

Kerala psc one time registration profile login:

Kerala PSC One time registration of your profile is very simple process. By following the below steps you can complete Kerala PSC One time registration process. Once you register your profile in Kerala PSC website, you can login anytime with your registered user id and password. We have given the steps to be followed for Kerala PSC One time registration. Follow the below steps correctly and create a Kerala PSC login profile.

Kerala psc one time registration profile login setup:

Step 1 - Visit Kerala PSC Website -

Step 2 - Click on 'One Time Registration' which you see in the Kerala PSC Home Page.

Step 3 - You will be redirected to the below page ( Link -

Step 4 - Click on 'New Registration' login below the user id and password options under the heading 'Registered User Login' in the right hand side section.

Step 5 - A form for 'New Registration' will be opened in the screen. Fill the required details.

Details to be filled in the Kerala PSC One time Registration Profile Login:

  1. Name - Fill the initials at the end of the name. 
  2. Enter the name once again.
  3. Enter the date of birth n the following format DD/MM/YYYY. If your date of birth is Jan 1, 2000, then enter in the following format - 01/01/2000.
  4. Enter the date of birth once again in the same format.
  5. Select your gender from the options(Male/Female)
  6. Enter your father's name.
  7. Enter your mother's name.
  8. Enter your religion.
  9. Enter your caste.
  10. Enter your sub caste.
  11. Enter your ID proof. You can select any of the below id proofs - > Aadhar, Account number of nationalised/scheduled bank, conductor license, Driving license, ID for central employees, ID for Ph.D issued by SW Dept, ID for Uty Insts etc, ID from bar council, ID for ex service man, Pan card, passport, PEN for state employees, Voters Identity card.
  12. Enter your ID proof number.
  13. Enter Aadhar number if available.
  14. Enter your mobile number.
  15. Enter user id without spaces. You have to remember whatever you are entering in this field as you will be using this user id forever.
  16. Enter the user id again to confirm.
  17. Enter your password.
  18. Confirm the password by entering again.
  19. Enter the access code as you see in the screen. It is case sensitive.
  20. Check the option that you declare that the information provided by you is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief.
  21. Click on 'Register' button.

Kerla PSC one time Registration Profile Login :

Technologies have improved a lot these days and applying for a job is a simple one due to the revolution of the Internet. Kerala Public Service Commission, shortly known as KPSC, is the latest website launched by Kerala government for the job aspirants.

Getting a government job is a dream of many people in India and they try to put their maximum efforts in achieving the same. Each state in India follows different procedures in the recruitment process and those who want to apply for the jobs must know more about them in detail.

One can browse jobs under various categories enabling the applicants to process an application according to needs. The onetime registration is a simple process, but one should consider certain things for processing an application form with ease.

Kerala psc one time registration profile login - Now you know the process of Kerala PSC one time registration. We will meet you with another informative article.

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