Wednesday 28 December 2016

Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking - How to track status

Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking:

Transportation and logistics play a vital role today as movement of goods is happening all over the world as it has become more specialized than ever before. Jaipur Golden transport is one of the logistics company that provides good transportation services along with customer satisfaction.

With the increased of use of modern technologies this Jaipur golden transport company has introduced many new concepts and products that matches with customer expectation and the emerging new technologies.

This transport company has become a leading transport company after its emergence from a small khokha in Lahori gate, Delhi in the year 1948 which has 350 branches all over the world. It comprises of 300 associates spanning across the country who are working to serve the customer with the speed, safety and service which is also the motto of this transport company.

Once the goods arrive at any of this company’s branches then they will take the whole responsibility of the goods till it is delivered at the intended destination.

This company has achieved customers trust by ensuring the safe delivery of the goods with utmost care, efficiency and speed by providing high transportation solutions to its customers. This has also created a great respect for this transportation company among people. It transports goods from origin to destination location by providing peace of mind and complete customer satisfaction.

Their vision is to become an Indian multinational, a global leader in transportation & logistics which connects all the branches together and their mission is to deliver the goods from origin to destination safely through environment friendly situations with guaranteed time.

This Jaipur Golden transportation company has its official site where it uses a web portal to display all its details and features of this company. The below link can be used for accessing the official site of this transportation & logistics company,

The user can directly use the above-mentioned link in the browser directly to access the services and products available in the company’s official website. The home page of this site displays various tabs such as Home, The group, Advantage Jaipur Golden, services, network, clients, Be our associate, Media Gallery, help desk and contact us which the user can access to enjoy the benefits

This Jaipur Golden Transport Company has a facility to track the goods that is being taken from origin to destination. This transport company has an option such as Track your shipment in the right side of this home page which the customer can use it to track the goods that is being transported.

The user should use the above-mentioned URL in the browser directly and once the home page appears the customer should click the Track your shipment option and then the customer will redirected to another page where the customer is requested for details such as Consignment number under the tab Enter your consignment number. Then the user needs to click the search button to get the status of the goods

If there are multiple goods being transported by Jaipur Golden transport then each of the goods will have different consignment number and if the user wants to know the status of all the types of goods that is being transported then they can give all the consignment numbers associated with each type of goods whose status need to be tracked in the same space given for the filed labeled 'Enter your consignment number' tab along with commas separated for each of the consignment number. Then the status of all the consignment number will be displayed on the same screen.

The screenshot of the Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking page is given below,

Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking

The final status page of the entered consignment number consists of the following details such as status and the current location of the shipment/package, contents, source, destination location, expected date and time of delivery, history of locations where the goods were processed.

The customer if they have any queries can contact this transport and logistics company using the toll free number 1800-1800-777 to get their queries to be answered or if they have any grievances they can write to and they will get a reply within 24 hours.

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