Thursday 22 December 2016

Best Organic shops in Chennai - Organic Food Stores

Organic shops in Chennai - Organic Food Stores:

When we turn to the pages of our history, we could get to know how healthy our ancestors were, there were no much diseases as it is now. They were able to do contribute to a healthy and fit lifestyle as their food habits were totally different, they were fit at the age of 80’s and 90’s. Now in this modern era where everything is ready made and most of us have adapted to the fast food culture, we are prone to the diseases also faster. The majority of people are suffering from life-threatening diseases, whereas our ancestors would have not even been aware of its name. Right from the newborn babies to the old the old people, there are several types of diseases causing death. All this is because of the food culture we follow now, we are not having a healthy eating habit and most of the foods are adulterated, we are in a situation where we give money to purchase food and get the disease in return.

Each and every item is adulterated with harmful chemicals and food colors which cause cancer and other severe diseases. If this is followed in the upcoming years then the lifespan of a human being will decrease to 30 or 40 years. It is shocking to know that the new born babies are also affected because of the unhealthy food habits of the mother. The other major impact is the western culture, we all are going to the western food products like pizza, burgers etc that is totally not suitable for our lifestyle and climatic conditions. We should keep in mind that each food product grows in a specific place depending on the climatic condition and the soil condition that will be accepted and beneficial to our body as our body adapts to the same climate, Rice is grown in a specific place and they are eaten mostly by south Indians, wheat is grown in north India and north Indians prefer wheat mostly. In the same manner, we have to eat food that is adaptable by us depend on our native. Western foods are all processed and added with preservatives that are very much harmful to our health, hence we should totally avoid it.

We should definitely start concentrating on the food we eat and the products we buy. First of all, we should avoid eating outside foods and packed food because they are unhealthy and unhygienic. We should prefer home cooked food and start using organic products which are free from adulteration. Drinking aerated drinks can also cause severe disease, we can switch over to fresh juices which give us abundant benefits. Adulteration has now become one of the processes in preparing the food products and the money-minded companies least care about the health of the people. The oil that we use for cooking is adulterated, the chili powder available in the market is mixed with the brick powder, the black pepper is mixed with the papaya seeds, and there are a lot more. You cannot find that it is adulterated because they process it in such a way that we will not get to know. The milk that we use is also purely milk powder and not cow’s milk. Using these adulterated products in a long term will definitely harm us. The only way to get rid of this danger is by using organic products. 

The organic products are purely original item that is processed with the actual raw materials and they are free from chemicals and preservatives. They are little expensive when compared to the other products that we usually purchase in the market because they are 100% pure. We get all the food products that we need starting from fruits, vegetables, spices and other things used for cooking. Organic product gives you more nutrition to your body as they are grown by the farmers without using any chemicals, they do not use any pesticides or artificial agriculture method to process the product, they are done in a traditional agriculture method and hence they are the best for our health.The only thing we have to be sure is that we have to get them from a branded shops. There are many shops that sell adulterated products in the name of the organic label. You have to be very careful while buying the products. It is better to get it from the best organic shops. Some of the best organic shops in Chennai are listed below.

Organic shops in Chennai - Organic Food Stores:

Organic shops in Chennai - Organic Food Stores

1.       Vaer – The organic store:

Vaer is a best branded organic store that sells the best quality products. They have fruits, vegetable, every day grocery, milk, nuts, juices, jams and much more. They also have online shopping that makes your shopping easier.

2.       Bio Organic:

Bio organic is also famous for their organic products like fruits, vegetables, grocery, cereals, snacks, bread, baby food etc. The shop is the best with excellent varieties of products and gives you what you need.

3.       Brown tree:

Brown tree is very familiar and has many branches in Chennai. They are best known for honey, tea, pulses, grains and dry fruits. They are also familiar for the varieties of snacks, chocolates, and biscuits that are organic.

4.       Organic abode:

Organic abode is one of the best rated organic shops by the customer in Chennai. They are familiar with the tea, juices, snacks, vegetable and fresh fruits. They work on the feedback of the customer and meets customer satisfaction on every purchase.

5.       Annai Organic:

Annai organic has a wide range of products that can be taken for a medicinal value too. They have products for weight gain, weight loss, beauty products, treatment for cold, sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and others.

6.       Organic paradise:

As the name says it all, this shop is truly a paradise for organic food lovers. They also have an online store and their best known for pickles, jams, beverages, cereals and so on. They are located in 3 areas in Chennai.

7.       Vayal organic store:

Vayal is one of the best organic stores that is familiar for the organic milk that they sell on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. They also have best varieties of grains, millets, baby food, edible oil, tea, honey and much more. They also provide door delivery service to their customers.

8.       Restore:

Restore is again a very good organic shop that sells pesticides and chemical free products at a very nominal price. They have millets, grains, oil, sweetener, spices, and dry fruits that are of a very explicit quality.

9.       Dhanyam organic super store:

Dhanayam is also the best organic shop in Chennai that provides a variety of products like juice, snacks, herbal medicines, baby foods, millets, grains etc. They have an online store and also provide door step delivery for the customers.

10.   Organic depot:

Organic depot is the top best brand to buy organic food products in Chennai. They have many varieties if rice that is 100% organic, they also have a huge variety of millets, tea, spices, oil, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Hope this article would have given you the details of the best organic shops in Chennai, also known as organic food stores in Chennai that sell organic products. Let’s switch over to organic products and contribute to a healthier society.

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