Tuesday 31 May 2016

Chandigarh RTO Transport Vehicle Registration Search | CH RTO

CH RTO Transport Registration | Chandigarh Transport Vehicle Search Online:

Let us see some details about CH RTO and learn how to register a vehicle in Chandigarh RTOCH RTO website.

CH RTO Registration Process for New Transport Vehicles - How to get registration certificate for new vehicles?

How to search Chandigarh RTO vehicle registration details online using vehicle registration details?

Below is the table of CH RTO Transport Vehicle Registration details. The first column is the serial number. The second column is the State and RTO series number details. CH stands for Chandigarh State number. That is a vehicle which starts with CH in its registration number, it denotes that the vehicle is registered with CH RTO and it means that the particular vehicle is registered in Chandigarh State. The format is same for all vehicle numbers registered in CH RTO offices. Only the RTO code and serial number vary.


If a vehicle has the number as CH 04 AA 0001, it means that it is registered in Raipur RTO in Chandigarh state. AA denotes series. 0001 denotes the serial number.

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