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Dakshinachitra Chennai ECR Timings, Entry Fee, Dakshin Chitra Review

Dakshinachitra Chennai ECR Timings, Entry Fee, Dakshin Chitra Review:


DakshinaChitra is a cultural heritage cum museum, showcasing the cultures and tradition of four main states Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is project of Madras Craft Foundation an NGO, and is situated in Muttukadu, a 25 kilometer drive south of Central Chennai. It creates a unique platform for the individuals to indulge in various art forms of different countries. 

Dakshinachitra Chennai ECR Timings, Entry Fee, Dakshin Chitra Review

The main collections are 18 authentic ancient houses from different regions are bought and reconstructed here in DakshinaChitra, giving you a feeling of reality and an escape from the busy lifestyle. Each state is divided into separate sections and paths. It covers large acres of land and will make you shed a lot of calories, as you have to walk to each spot. This museum has set a goal to inspire the people with abandon culture and tradition of south India and in a way promote tourism.

They have two set of tariffs for Indians and Overseas Tourist and additional prices for cameras and video cameras. Open from 10hrs to 1800hrs except on Tuesdays.

Showcasing the cultures and traditions of four major states of south India, let us see in details what can you see and the exhibits in each states. Apart from the houses each state provides a show on their dance forms, arts and crafts exhibits.


As you enter this state you can see five different types of houses such as Merchant House, Brahmin House, Silk Weavers House, Agricultural House and Potters House. The Merchant house is an ancestral home of the Nattukottai Chettiars; their homes have columned pillars made out of Burmese teak with a courtyard.

The Brahmins house has been bought from ambur village, Brahmins house style differs from one region to another, but here the houses are connected with a common wall and houses are narrow and long. The weaver’s houses are almost the same in all regions where the home and the workspace are same. The agricultural houses are from the Sathanur village and the potter’s house from the Chengleput district, where the houses are made of mud and thatch houses.


Here mainly you can see three types of houses such as Syrian Christian House, Calicut House, Hindu House Trivandrum and Granary. The Syrian Christian house has an entrance which leads to granary, where the prayers are conducted. The additional features are the cow shed, underground storages, separate dining, rooms and kitchens.
The Calicut house is a two storey made of wood and a clay and pebble substance which is cut into blocks and it hardens on oxidation. This Hindu home has many rooms and often comprises of extended family or joint family.


They mainly showcase the Chikmagalur House, which belonged to Mr. K.A.Mohamed Ismail, known for his coffee trades and of his collection of beautiful porcelain, furniture and lamps. The architecture of the house was inspired from the colonial.

The Ilkal Weavers House has an urban settlement pattern with wooden gateways, stone and wooden windows.


The Ikat house from Nalgonda District, they adopt the chitra sala plan with three bays and a courtyard in the middle and then the rooms. The materials used are bamboo, palmyra and roof tiles.

Coastal Andhra House is round shaped houses, and form clusters to battle the storms. The walls are made of mud using cob wall techniques and there is another inner flat mud and timber roof above the inner room for more protection from rains.

All of these houses exhibit the furniture, kitchen utensils, costumes or dresses, their works and even their type of marriages performed. They provide internships in Museum and Art Management and Conversations and workshops for adults and kids for pottery, crafts and much more.


DakshinaChitra Address:

East Coast Road,
Tamil Nadu,
Pin code - 603 118

DakshinaChitra Contact Phone Number - 044-27472603, 044-27472783

Dakshinachitra Timings:

6 days in a week. Tuesday is holiday. 
Dakshinachitra Timings - 10 AM to 6 PM.

Dakshinachitra Entry Fee - Entrance Ticket Price:

Adults Entry ticket price:

Indians - Rs.100(During Festival Days - Rs.120).

Foreigners - Rs.250

Kids Entry Ticket Price:

Indians - Rs.30(5-12 years).

Foreign students - Rs.70.

Camera - Rs.20
Video Camera - Rs.75
DSLR and other professional cameras - Rs.50

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