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Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays, Entry Fee | Gunidy Snake Park

Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays, Entry Fee, Route Map, Guindy Children's Park and Guindy Snake Park: 

Guindy National Park Chennai - one of the smallest national park of India. One of the few national parks located within Chennai, Guindy National Park Chennai is quite different from others. This is the 8th smallest national park of India. This is situated in the extended grounds of Raj Bhavan, Guindy Lodge, that’s why this national park is known as Guindy National Park, which is the home of lakes, scrublands, streams as well as a variety of animals, including Blackbucks, Jackals, Tortoises, Spotted deer, many other animals, insects, birds etc. In British period, the park was used as the game reserve and also covers some portion of tropical dry evergreen forest. This is one of the most amazing national parks in South India to view.

Guindy National Park 

Guindy Snake Park is also called as Chennai Snake Park. It is located inside the Guindy National Park campus itself. It is located right next to Guindy Children's Park. It is India's first reptile park. You can witness different snakes including vipers, pythons and cobras.

Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays:

Guindy National park is open  all days except Tuesday.
Guindy Children Park Timings - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays, Entry Fee | Gunidy Snake Park

Guindy Snake Park Timings and Holidays:

Timings - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
Open on all days except Tuesdays.

Guindy National Park Address:

Guindy National Park,
Opposite to IIT Madras,
Tamil Nadu - 600 025

Why Guindy National Park Chennai is known as Tourist Paradise:

Like other animals, birds also prefer the national park, so if you are lucky enough then you will be able to enjoy the activities of one of these beautiful and attractive birds that includes parrots, quail, pheasant, partridges, honey buzzard, flycatchers, and many more. Very short distance from the this National Park, Guindy Snake Park is home of different types of snakes like pythons, vipers, the King Cobra, and various other reptiles.

Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays, Entry Fee | Gunidy Snake Park

A children's park is situated within very small distance of the park where the children can enjoy to watch such animals like, bonnet monkey, porcupine, cockatiel, cormorant and many more.

Apart from this, the Guindy nation park is also the habitat of a variety of plants, tree and shrubs, which is quite rare in other part of Tamil Nadu. Due to the availability of tropical dry evergreen shrub and thorn forests, this national park have achieved the name ‘ the green lungs of Chennai'

According to the reports, this smallest national park of India is the home of over 350 plant species,  14 mammal species,  150 species of birds and numerous species of reptiles and amphibians. This is estimated by surveyor, more than 60 species of butterflies and spiders are found in this place. Near about one-sixth portion of this national park has been preserved as grasslands for spotted deer and Blackbuck. This place is also the home of rare as well as endangered species of Lizards, tortoises, turtles and chameleons.

Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays, Entry Fee | Gunidy Snake Park

Spread over a big area, the Guindy National Park can be the perfect gateway, if you want to spend the whole day outside of your home. 2 to 4 hours is enough for exploring the national park. The park is open 6 days in a week, only Tuesday is closed as this is the weekly holiday.

Guindy National Park Timings and Holidays, Entry Fee | Gunidy Snake Park

Nice place to Visit But need proper care and modification

Unfortunately, nowadays some of the floral species of dry evergreens and thorn forests of the Guindy National Park became rare and endangered. Dealing with a range of preservation and ex-situ and in-situ measures, this national park is getting a perfect step towards the conservation of the national heritage of Chennai as well as South India.

This beautiful national park is considered as the tourist paradise due to its environment and natural beauty. There are different types of animal around there and deers are extremely prominent. Once upon a time, the park was a beautiful zoo, but today this national park is completely uncared and unkempt. If government wants to make the place clean, then they have to take some steps. Visitors should not be allowed to bring any  eatables, plastic covers or some other things inside the premises, as most of the people tend to feed the animals the junk food like pop corns, chips, chocolate and even plastic covers. So it is highly recommended to Government that please take proper care of them in a sophisticated manner. Because they are not human beings, so they cannot ask what they want. So people should be taking care of their all need and requirements and also protect them by giving proper and sufficient food.

Hope you like the review of Guindy National Park. Let us know your review of Guindy National Park.

By contributor: Lavanya

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