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Passport Status Enquiry - Passport Tracking

Passport Status Enquiry - Passport Tracking:

Passport is an official document given by the central government of the country for the individual to travel across the international countries with the protection of national security to & from the government to the individual person. With the help of passport document, you can move across the countries. It is like security document for your independence, that government will provide the permission & protection to you . It is a mutual understanding between the countries to protect their citizens outside of their countries also.

Ministry of external affairs division issues the passport to the individual according to their demands. There are three types of passport available in India.

Normal passport: It is the personal passport given to all the citizens for the vacation trip, educational and official business trip. It is mentioned as P in the passport

Official passport: Its official passport which is given for the government employees or the represented /nominated by the government to move to work officially . It is mentioned by S in the passport.

Diplomatic passport: It’s given to higher authority of the government officers & service person. It will be mentioned as D.

Passport Status Enquiry - Online Passport Tracking:

Have you applied and waiting for your passport? You can track the passport status in online itself.

Below are the steps to help you to know how to track the passport application status online.

Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - Select the application type. Available application type options are below

  • Passport/PCC/IC
  • RTI
  • Diplomatic/Artificial application
  • Surrender Certificate

Step 3 - Enter File number as per your acknowledgement number. 

File number can be found on the top right corner of the acknowledgement letter. 

You must have got the Acknowledgement letter from Passport Seva Kendra office after you submit your passport application successfully.

File number contains 15 digit alphanumeric letters.

Step 4- Select the Date of Birth by clicking the small calendar icon next to the text field.

Step 5 - Click on the button 'Track Status'.

Once you are done with the above Passport tracking steps for Passport status enquirypassport status will be displayed on screen.

Passport Status through SMS:

Here is a good news for the people who do not have access to internet all the time. They can now track the passport status any time just by sending one SMS.

You do not need a smart phone for passport tracking. Ordinary mobile phone is sufficient as we can track the passport status through SMS enquiry option.

You can track the passport seva status easily through SMS. There is a premium SMS service available that will enable you to get regular updates on your mobile number. It is an optional value-added service application that the applicants can opt for a small charge. Currently, it is Rs.40 to enrol yourself to SMS Service of Passport. Please note that this fee is not part of your normal passport application fee.

People who are enrolled to this premium SMS service option will receive alerts and updates of their passport application regularly. You will even receive alerts on pending actions through SMS service. You might receive up to 9 SMS alerts and updates on your application. The alerts will include alerting for documents submission, respond to notifications, collection of passport, exceptions or erros in processing at any stage, penalty and show cause notices. You will also receive updates on police verification and passport printing and dispatch details.

People who are not enrolled for this service will continue to get important passport application status like sms sent after passport dispatch.

How to enrol for the Passport SMS service easily?

If you are applying for the passport directly in Passport Seva Kendra office, just select the 'SMS SERVICES' option in the application form itself. Pay the enrolment fee in cash in Passport Seva Kendra office.

If you are applying for the passport online or using uploaded e-form, login and go to the link 'Enrol for SMS services' available under 'Services' section to enroll for the premium SMS service.

Different stages of Passport - Passport Status Explained:

Passport status denotes the stage of your passport application. The status of the card will be many types according to the stage of your application.


If the status is displayed as 'Application Submitted' means the application is verified along with your documents proof.


If your application is under review, it means your application is getting processed. If there is any reason given, it might be due to lack of information or documentation.


This status shows that police verification is initiated.


Police might come to the address given in your passport application to verify physically.


Once the police verification report is submitted, the status will be shown like this. Once the police report is clear, the passport will be granted and will be given for passport printing by the passport office.


This status shows that police verification report is not clear and your passport application is under review at Regional Passport office.

If the passport status is under review at regional passport office means, then police report is under review at RPO. You might be asked to provide few more information if required.

If you reside at the present address for less than a year, you have to get clearance from all your previous addresses for the past one year.

This status might also shown if the police authorities do not fill the required columns properly. It might happen if the police report have some adequacies.

If the required documents to satisfy the police regarding the period of the stay at that address, this status might come. In those cases, you will get notification from Regional passport office for clarifications.


If police find that you are not residing in the address you have given or you are not available for police verification, the status will be shown like this.

If the absence is temporary and you reside in the address only, then you can write to Regional passport office for re-verification. The passport will be issued only if you get a clear report from police re-verification.

If you have unresolved criminal cases against you, your passport will not be issued until the case is cleared by the court.

In this case, you have to submit the copy of the court order to the Regional Passport office if the court has dismissed the case for police re-verification.

Passport Status - PASSPORT GRANTED:

This status means that the passport application is cleared at all the stages of verification and granted. It will be given for printing.

Passport Status - PASSPORT PRINTED:

If he application of passport is cleared the printing is underprocessed or the passport is printed & ready to dispatch.

Once the passport is printed you will get the confirmation through the SMS stating that your passport has been printed and you would receive an Sms/e-mail once the passport is dispatched.


The application of your passport is printed & its dispatched to your address.

The status will be shown as Passport XXXXX has been dispatched on DD/MM/YYYY via Speed Post Tracking Number xxxxxxxx.

It is better to make the applicant himself available to receive the passport. If he is not present, it is at the discretion of the postman to give the consignment to any of the family members by checking the ID proof of their/applicant. He might also return the passport to the sender if he is not feeling satisfied by the proof.

If the speed post authorities could not locate your passport consignment after a long time, contact the respective regional passport office for assistance.


If the speed post authorities have returned your passport consignment to the sender due to different reasons, this status will be shown.

This might happen due to different reasons like postal authorities unable to locate your address, not satisfied with the id proof shown by your family member etc.

In this stage, we can directly contact the regional office and submit an application to get the passport dispatched again. Please give a proof of present address too.

You might also be required to submit additional documents based on the reasons given by Indian Post for not delivering the passport.

If you receive a wrong passport, submit it to the regional passport office immediately.

Hope the article on 'Passport Status Enquiry - Passport Tracking' helpful for you.

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