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Chennai Beaches - Beaches in Chennai You must visit

Chennai Beaches - Beaches in Chennai You must visit:

Remember when we were child, we will be longing for our summer vacation. After the bugging up exams and assignments the school will announce for the summer vacation. Wow, what a wonderful feeling it is to be at home, eat and play nicely with the newly bought games. Okay now all the play is done, what else? Summer vacation started boring, and our dad comes up with an idea of outing. 

Super excited we exclaim “Beach”. Yes, beach is the most favorite place for all the kids. So, is that only kids like beach? How can I forget about the most important part of life, the time we were in love. Holding each other hands, discussing about the future and those cute smiles we exchange to our loved one. What a beautiful period of life that was. Yes, beach is the most romantic spot for the young couples. So, only the young people enjoy beach, no, even the aged people go out for a romantic walk in the beach.

Beach is pocket-friendly too. Can you imagine how big a hole will be burned in your pocket if you visit a mall. That is not the case with beaches. Any dad would like to take you to a beach even if he has no huge money to spend for your recreation. It is a boon for Chennai parents.

“Beach” The very word brings joy to everyone and Chennai being the king of beaches surrounded by a vast coastal line brings happiness all. Be it the resident or the tourists once they hear the name Chennai, beaches are the only thing that comes to their mind. The beautiful sand spread across and the blue cool waves bring peace. Beaches are the best place for the kids to play. They can enjoy the vacation by playing in the sand and in the beach waves. Beach is the best place for morning and evening walks. You can inhale fresh air in the morning enjoying beautiful scene of sunrise. This gives you lots of benefits to the health. Walking in the wide spread sand is an acupuncture method which gives relaxation to the tired foot.

Now lets take a look at the beaches in Chennai where you can relax yourself and make memories.

Marina Beach in Chennai:

Marina beach is the second largest beach in the world which runs up to 13 kms long. It is one of the best beaches in Chennai. The wide spread golden sand and blue waves is a great feeling to experience. The pony rides, merry go round, balloon shooting, and other games are kids favorite. I doubt whether any tourist who has visited Chennai must have missed visiting the beautiful Chennai Marina beach. Even most of the foreigners who are visiting India would plan for a trip to visit Marina beach. It is the kind of popularity it has and it is definitely adds a beautiful feather on the crown of Chennai.

The mobile food stalls and the fish stalls prepare delicious foods. On the other side there is a long chain of shops that sell shell and other products made of shell like door hangings, key chain, mirrors etc. Surrounded by marina beach is the Anna Samadhi and MGR Samadhi which is a must visit. 

The beautiful statues that are places in the coastal lane attracts the visitors. They also have a skating club and swimming club where you can practice swimming and skating becoming a member in it. The beach has a vast parking area for two wheelers and four wheelers. The bus facilities is also good, because you have the bus depot very close to the beach.

Marina is quite crowded in the public holidays and in the weekends. It is also filled with tourists too as Marina beach is the first thing that comes to any tourist visiting Chennai. There is no doubt that it is the one of the best Chennai beaches.

Elliots beach Chennai:

Elliots beach is a very decent beach with a beautiful scenery during the sunrise and sunset, located near Besant Nagar.  It is called popularly as Besant Nagar beach. Most of the people residing in Chennai including kids fondly call it as Besant Nagar beach rather than Elliots beach. But all the tourists including foreigners know it as Elliots beach rather than Besant Nagar beach. Besant Nagar is one of the posh areas in Chennai.

You can see many people playing volley ball in the early mornings. This beach is also the best place for walking. The wide roads can be used to learn car driving and have a romantic walk. There are many mobile food stall and ice cream stall in the beach. You get tasty fishes here too. Once you come out of the beach there are many hotels where you get nice foods. Big brands like KFC, Thalapakatti, Fishermans’s Fare are the recent add ons. You also have some small food stalls which provides you a variety of food which you should definitely taste. They are all of very nominal price and a real treat to your taste buds. Ice cream roll, Fresh juices, Waffles, Shawarma, butterfly prawns are the best there.

I personally love Elliots beach more as it is not too crowded as Marina. You will also not miss the fun of experience the celeberation mood as it has its own crowd too. Parking will be a little problem if you visit the beach late in the evening. So, be smart if you are going in a weekend or in a public holiday especially if you are going by your own car. Start early so that you can park the car nearby the beach. Or else you have to park the car in a far place and you have to walk. Most of the times, you can see an exhibition going on with fun-filled rides in the beach.

Do not forget to visit the Ashta Lakshmi temple which is one of the popular temples located in Chennai. Also, it has the Besant Nagar church located nearby. So, do not miss the besant nagar beach at all. Also, you will thank me if you can visit the famous Murugan Idli shop as you can enjoy delicious authentic Tamil Nadu dishes. Elliots beach is one of the best beaches in Chennai. Keep this beach for sure in your next visit if you have plans to visit the best Chennai beaches.

Covelong Beach Chennai:

Covelong beach Chennai is located on the East coast Road. Covelong beach is one of the best Chennai beaches. But the maintenance is the saddest part. I would say the public should be take responsibility of this to have it as one of the best beaches in Chennai. No matter how much effort Government put on maintaining this Kovalam Chennai beach, it is in our hands at the end for proper maintenance.

This Kovalam Chennai beach offer a Kattumaram ride on the early mornings. The sunrise and sunset is a real treat to the eyes. There are many Resorts in the surrounding where in you can have stay and have an extended joy in the beach. There are many hotels around which gives delicious food. They also offer paragliding in the evenings which are a little expensive. 

If you are located inside the city, do not put so much of effort to visit Covelong beach, Chennai. It is better to give preference to besant nagar beach or Marina beach. 

I have not visited this Kovalam beach very recently. But I had visited a year before. Maintenance is not so good and hence I rank it in the last place when it comes to best Chennai beaches. If the maintenance will be good, it will be surely one of the best beaches in Chennai. There is no doubt on that. The saddest part was seeing the broken glass pieces of wine bottles. It is more on the public who has to think before dumping the seashore with these wastes.

Come on lets have a bash at the beach this weekend. Chennai is a busy yet beautiful city that has a very good number of beaches. Hope this Chennai beaches - Beaches in Chennai article is useful for you.

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