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Passport Renewal Online - Passport Reissue

Passport Renewal Online - How to renew Indian Passport online:

Passports are generally issued for a duration of ten years. Once the duration is over, the passport should be renewed for further usage. This article is written to explain how to renew Indian Passports online. The passport expiration date is mentioned in the passport book as either Final or simply with the letter ‘F’. Also, passports can be renewed only in the previous year of expiration. (i.e.) If the expiration date is 14.12.2016, then only after 14.12.2015, the passport can be renewed. It cannot be processed earlier than that.

Our government has very well simplified all the process for passport renewal in India and is completely user-friendly. The renewal/ reissue both fall into the same category. Passport renewal forms are available online.

Reissuing of passport can not only be due to expiry, it can also be due to several reasons such as lost passport, damaged passport, the number of pages in the passport has been used up, any change in name or address or any such details. In all these cases, on applying for the reissue of passport, the procedure will be similar.

Passport Reissue - How to renew Indian Passport online - How to apply for passport renewal online?

With Passport Seva Kendra online, it is easy to  apply for passport reissue.

Register with Passport Seva Online portal( if you are a new user.

Login to your account with the registered email id, you will see the screen as below.

Click on Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport.

You will be given two options.

Either you can download the soft copy of the form, fill it up and then upload again.

Or you can directly fill the form online and submit.

To download, click on the option that you find in the screen.

You will have to fill all your details starting from Applicant details, Residential Address that is present and past two addresses which you have resided, emergency contact, references, previous passport details, passport details verification and a self-declaration. You can find all these in the left column of the screenshot attached below.

The main page asks for the Applicant’s details with the basic questions such as name, surname, alias name, gender, location, marital status and so on.

The above screenshot shows a part of the details asked in the first page of the form (i.e.) Applicant’s details.

In and out of your entire details have to be provided in the complete form and it should be self-declared at last that all the details provided by you are completely genuine and that you are liable to be questioned if any detail is found to be fraudulent or any such misleads.

Once the form is filled, you will have to fix the appointment by selecting a normal passport method.
You can do this by clicking on the 'Pay and Schedule Appointment' link on the 'View Saved/Submitted Applications' screen to schedule the passport reissue appointment timing.

After all the completion of this process, you will have to make a payment for the processing of the passport.

The fee for reissuing a passport is same as that of the fee that is collected for a fresh passport if the passport reissue is not for stolen/damaged/lost passport.

Click the  link 'Print Application Receipt'  to print the application receipt which contains Application Reference Number (ARN) / Appointment number.

So once all these formalities are done, getting the documents ready for the interview is the next thing to be taken care of. As fresh passport application, you have to get all the documents ready in hand before the interview date.

You have to visit Passport Seva Kendra / Regional Passport Office (RPO) where you have booked the appointment. Be on time at the scheduled passport reissue timing.

Documents required for passport reissue:

1. Visit

2. Choose the required one from the below options - Normal or Tatkal.

3. Select the applicant category - Minor or Adult.

4. Choose yes or no for the question - 'Is applicants Date of Birth before 26/01/1989'.

5. Click on the type of employment. Options are Government/PSU/Statutory Body, Retired Government Official, and Others.

6. Choose Yes or No for the question 'Is applicant's present address different from that in the existing passport?'.

7. Choose Yes or No for the question 'Is applicant eligible for Non-ECR category?'.

8. Click on continue.

9. Check the Reason for Reissue options from the following options.

  •  Exhaustion of Pages
  •  Validity Due to Expire
  •  Validity Expired
  •  Renewal of Short Validity Passport (SVP)
  •  Lost/Stolen Passport
  •  Damaged Passport
  •  Change in Existing Personal Particulars
  •  None of the Above

10. Click on 'View Required Documents' to view the documents required for passport reissue / passport renewal.

Renewal doesn’t require all the documents as in the fresh passport application. In most of the cases, the photocopy of the first two and the last two pages of the old passport that is self attested will suffice the need. This should include ECR/Non ECR page (Emigration Check is Required or Non-Emigration Check is Required.) and that should be observed by Passport Issuing Authority if any has happened.

In case, if there is any change of personal details and that is the reason for reissuing the passport, then the corresponding document that acts as the proof should be submitted that implies it. In case, if the address is changed, then the photocopy of the passport along with the photocopy of address proof that has the current address should be submitted. These two proofs will suffice the need for documents that will be required for the processing of adult passports. However, please go through the official passport website to ensure the right documents required for passport reissue.

In  case of passport renewal for minor, additional declarations are required.

Passport renewal fee:

To know the updated passport renewal fee, check the below instructions. 

Check the link -

Passport reissue fee is mentioned in the page and tatkal fee has also been mentioned clearly.

Almost fresh passport fee and passport reissue fee are same if the reasons are due to exhaustion of visa pages, or resissue of passport for minors(below 18 years of Age), of 5 years validity or till the minor attains the age of 18 whichever is earlier.

For cases like lost passport, damaged passport, stolen passport are higher.

Passport Reissue Status Enquiry - Passport Renewal Status Enquiry:

Passport Reissue Help Phone number - 1800-258-1800.

Call the above number and give the file number and date of birth. The call center people will help you to know your passport reissue status or passport renewal status.

You can also punch your file number into the IVRS system to check your passport reissue status.

Hope the article on 'Passport Renewal Online - Passport Reissue - How to renew Indian Passport online' helpful for you. The article is written based on personal experience and also by referring Indian Passport official website. The information might vary from time to time or may be incomplete in nature. Please check  for updated information.

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