Wednesday 16 November 2016

Passport Delivery status

Passport Delivery Status:

Here is an easy article on how to check the passport delivery status. Getting a passport is simplified by the Passport Seva Kendra if your application for passport is valid and you have valid documents. But still getting a passport successfully looks like a Himalayan task for many people. Till you get the passport in your hand, you will be in full of anxiety. The process is not complete till you verify each and every detail in the passport book. If you do not verify the passport details correctly, you might end up in trouble when you travel. So, it is very important to verify the passport details from start to bottom. If your passport is dispatched, you might be interested in checking the passport delivery status frequently till you get it delivered. Here is a quick guide to know how to track passport delivery status online.

How to track Passport Delivery Status?

Indian passport is generally dispatched through Speed post via Indian Post. In case of emergency, you can place a request to your Regional passport office by submitting an application stating the emergency reasons. You might need to submit documents if required for verification of the reason. The Regional Passport Officer has the authority to take the final decision about giving the passport delivery personally to you.

Indian Post has an online and SMS tracking facility with which you can track the passport delivery status.

Here are the ways to track the Passport Delivery status:

Option 1 - Go to Passport Seva Kendra Online portal and check the passport delivery status by giving the passport file number and date of birth.

Option 2 - Go to Speed Post tracking facility by visiting Indian Post website. Enter the passport shipment number/item number in the link -

Enter the verification text and click on Track button. You will get to know the passport delivery status immediately.

Option 3 -  You can check the passport delivery status by sending SMS to the Indian Post SMS tracking number. Send the following SMS - POST TRACK <13 digit article number> to 166 or to 51969.

What if the speed post authorities are unable to locate my passport consignment?

Once the passport is dispatched by the passport office, the tracking details will be updated and Indian Post authorities and you should be able to track the passport delivery status. In rare cases, there might be a prolonged delay in passport delivery even after the passport is dispatched by the Passport office. In that case, you have to contact the speed post authorities. If they are unable to locate the Speed post, you have to contact your Regional Passport office for further assistance.

What if the passport status is shown as delivered but you have not received in hand?

Passport Status will be udpated as Delivered in Passport Seva Online Portal once the passport is delivered to you by Indian Post through speed post. It is again a very rare case if the passport status is shown as delivered but the passport is not actually delivered to you. In this case, you have to contact your Regional Passport office for further assistance.

Hope the article on 'Passport Delivery Status'  is useful for you to track the passport delivery status. Please comment your queries in the comment section.

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