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Passport Address Change

Passport Address Change:

When you shift to a new location/address and if you are an Indian passport holder, then you must change your address from old to new in your passport as well. The procedure for address change in passport is as below. Especially women might need to do passport address change after marriage. Although, passport address change online cannot be done in the website itself, you can use the website to download the form and scheduling an appointment. Passport Address change procedure is not a complex one. It is just a passport reissue procedure with the updated address.

Visit the passport Seva Kendra website and login with your credentials. 

Passport Address Change 

Click on “home” and on the left side column click on “Download E-form”. 

Once the form gets downloaded you may fill it up on the computer itself at your convenience and later upload the filled in form on the Passport Seva Kendra website. 

While applying for the passport, you must select the “re-issue of passport” option and fill-in the new address in the current address and/or permanent address column. 

Once the form is uploaded you will be notified of the available interview time. Select a time and date convenient for you and attend the interview on that particular date with the supporting documents. 

Also, carry the address proof of both old as well as new address and submit it to the authorities for their perusal.

Passport Address Change Documents that are accepted as proof of address (common for all types of re-issue)

  1. Water bill / Electricity bill
  2. Telephone bill (landline or post paid mobile)
  3. Income tax assessment order
  4. Election commission photo ID card
  5. Proof of gas connection
  6. Certificate from employer of reputed companies on letter head
  7. Spouse’s passport copy (provided the applicants present address matches the address mentioned in the spouses passport)
  8. Aadhaar card
  9. Registered rent agreement
  10. Photo passbook of running bank account

Importance of having right address in passport:

There are two kinds of address we have on our passports; Current or temporary address and Permanent address. Current address has a possibility of getting changed. Being working class people tend to change their current address.

In case any government organization wants to contact us on temporary address and if same is changed then we may miss out any important communication from the government body or the Passport office. Whereas in the permanent address there will be someone who can pass on the information to you when contacted. Also there is less possibility of changing the permanent address very often. Hence it’s necessary to have correct temporary and permanent address mentioned always.

Another important reason as to why the address should be correct is because, when applying for a passport, there will be a police verification done after completing the interview. A police officer will be visiting your residence to check if you live in the same address as mentioned in the application. In case, you had mentioned the wrong address on your application, then there probabilities that your passport may get rejected since police verification process cannot be completed. The passport is a very valuable document and to ensure that it does not go to the wrong hands, this police verification is an absolute necessity for issuance of passport.

After this police verification process is complete, Passport is expected to be dispatched on third working day excluding the date of submission of application - without waiting for the Police Verification Report in case of normal application. But in case of Tatkal application the passport will be dispatched within one working excluding the day of submission.

Fees for Address change procedure:

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Replacement of Passport (36 pages) for deletion of ECR / Change in personal particulars (10 year validity)
Replacement of Passport (60 pages) for deletion of ECR / Change in personal particulars (10 year validity)

Hope the article on 'Passport Address Change' helpful for you. The article is written based on personal experience and also by referring Indian Passport official website. The information might vary from time to time or may be incomplete in nature. Please check  for updated information.

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