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Documents Required for Passport

Documents Required for Passport:

Basically to apply and to get a passport, they require few basic documents of each individual for the purpose of identity verification and data verification before issuing the passport for all safety precautions. It does always create a confusion on to find out the whole set of documents that are required to apply for a passport. So we have made it easy for you to get an idea on the list of documents that are acceptable and to be produced in the passport office.

Documents Required for Passport

Along with the original documents, one set of self-attested photocopies of the documents has to be furnished in Passport Seva Kendra office for processing your passport application.

How to know the updated list of documents required for passport application?

The list of documents required for passport application might vary from time to time.

To get the updated list of documents required for passport application, you can visit which has the updated information of the documents required for normal, tatkal passport, documents required for minor, adult, senior citizen, people with date of birth before and after 26/1/1989, people who are eligible for Non-ECR category and people who are not eligible for Non-ECR category.

Select the appropriate options and click on 'Continue'. In the next page, you will be asked to select your case.

Select it and click on 'View Required Documents' button.

For additional passport requirements, you have to visit jurisdictional passport office's home page under Passport Office page.

Here is a quick reference for the 2 main documents required for passport. This information is just provided for reference and please note that it is subject to modify in time. 

There are 2 main documents required for almost all passport applications. Please note that these are not the only documents required for passport application. They are:

  • Address proof
  • Date of birth proof.
Other than these, there are other documents that might be required according to your case.

This list is for an adult who does not fall into any category for exemption. Address proof and Age proof are mandatory for applying. Here goes the list of documents that are accepted for address and age proof.

For current address Proof, it can be anyone document proof from the following list.
  1. Telephone bill that has his/her current and valid address in it. (Since many telephone bills have become non-paper bills and are mailed, address changes are not properly tracked. Make sure the address matches the other proof.)
  2. Electricity bill of the current residence.
  3. Water bill for his/her home.
  4. Photo passbook of running bank account. The bank should be either Scheduled Public Sector Banks or Scheduled Private Sector Indian Banks or Regional Rural Banks). Check the Passport seva kendra online portal for the list of banks.
  5. Photo Id card from Election commission.
  6. Income Tax assessment order.
  7. Rent document that has been properly documented and registered (If it is not their own house)
  8. Husband/ Wife’s passport photocopy if the other possess one. (The first and the last page that has the family details specified. Also, their addresses should match.)
  9. Parents’ passport (If the applicant is a child or minor.)
  10. Gas Connection proof.
  11. Certificate of the residing address that the applicant is known to reside at the specified address. And that should be from the employer of the applicant in his company’s letterhead along with  a seal. Also, the company should be a public limited company. Computerised print outs are not allowed.
  12. Aadhaar card. This will expedite passport application processing.

  • But it is always better to have two address proofs to avoid last minute confusions.
  • Applicants are expected to submit only the present address proof. He/she is required to metion all the places of stay during the past 1 year in the passport application form(from the date of filling). 

List of Documents eligible to show as Age proof:

If the applicant is born after 26/01/1989,
Only Birth certificate that has been obtained from the local municipal corporation or office that registers birth and death is valid.
If the applicant is born before 26/01/1989, one of the following should be submitted.
  1. Birth certificate that has been obtained from the local municipal corporation or office that is authorized to issue birth and death certificate by registrar of birth and death.
  2. Proof of the birth date obtained from their previously studied educational institution, either their school leaving certificate or secondary school leaving certificate or certificate from recognized board from the school or any other recognized educational institution that the applicant has studied at last.
  3. If the applicant has not studied at all or has only studied below fifth grade in their schooling and have discontinued, they are considered as illiterate or semi- illiterate and they have to produce an Affidavit, that is sworn before a Notary/ Magistrate mentioning the place/date of birth as given in the specimen in Annexure 'A' by illiterate or semi-illiterate applicants.
If the applicant is minor, then along with all these details, a declaration form should be furnished. A Declaration that confirms the particulars given in the application about the applicant as per: Annexure 'H'. 

And the attested copies to be produced for the minor applicants, can be attested by the parents themselves. Also if the parent already has a passport, it is better to produce the parent’s original passport and self-attested copies to the Passport seva kendra office while going to the interview.

If you have any specific exemption in your case and would like to check it in the passport seva Kendra online portal for your specific case, then here is the link for you to check it out.

All the details are specified in complete clarity in the passport seva online portal. Take sufficient amount of time to go through the documents required for passport in the online passport seva portal. If you can have valid and right documents required for passport, half of the task is over. People with invalid or incomplete documents will face difficulties. Without the mandatory documents, your passport application will be not be processed.

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